Bear & Mary — Characters and Mascots

The co-founders and employees of the Bear & Mary agency have lots of experience creating cartoons, mascots, illustrations and communicate and collaborate with fellow creators all around the world as needed, as part of their extended family.

Strengthening a character — give it to us, and we’ll bring it to life!

Do you already have your own mascot, but not sure whether it’s doing the job as
well as it should?? Let us animate it! We’ll give them a name, create their entire biography, and yes, build a person of real character!

Your Mascot as an unstoppable pro-active force in Brand Promotion

A character which serves your brand allows you to declare yourself to the world in a way that you will be remembered and loved — the customer accepts you as part of their lives in a personal relationship.

Your New Character as a Representative of Your Product

How do you make your mark on the market? How can you set your company apart from others out there? That’s right — appeal to the emotions of your customers!

Game Characters — Love the Game!

We supply game characters with pre-defined skills, behaviours and abilities, as well as unique character and appearance.

Your Mascot — Your Event will be Unforgettable!

Any important event needs good organisation — every detail has to be considered. Be sure that the event will be a great, The Bear & Mary Agency will transform a good event into a great one by creating a unique mascot!

Life-Size Mascots — Really Get Hold of Your Character!

We care deeply about our reputation, and we base that on our client’s success. That’s why we go the extra mile, and further than this — we’re not merely content with static images — life-size mascots of your company’s character is one sure-fire way to go the extra distance with your customers!

Our Agency Mission


The founders of the Bear&Mary agency have dedicate themselves to the creation of the finest illustrations on market; started as a small community, it is now a most compete professional team, and you have no idea how proud we are to be able to say this!

Our ultimate goal is to create, promote, and if necessary, completely re-build your character, so that you and your customers receive the happiness and joy that we believe our world today is sorely in need of!

Why US?


Emotional engagement with a product is truly essentials today; for this, a bright, eye-catching character is indispensable — a true necessity!

We work only with professional members of staff who love what they do as a requirement of the job, and so you can be very sure that the commitment to superb quality work is there, even to the point of overflowing !

What will we do?


Bear and Mary agency is created for a purpose of provide experience for a customer - the most creative, original and surprising illustrators available, and that means we're always ready to present you with the most unexpected, mind blowing characters you could ever dream of, as mascots for your brand, product, or live event.

Our characters is alive!

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